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Tartan Global

Tartan Global is a respected global project management and manpower resources company. Together with our customers, we deliver top of the line services for landmark projects that create long-term progress and economic growth.

Our customers include some of the biggest and most reputable names in the sector and these multinational organizations have come to rely and trust our capabilities which have been proven time and again throughout our long history of operating within the oil & gas and construction industries.

The Value / Cost Equation

We do not just deliver high-quality, experienced direct and contract personnel but have taken this a step further to provide our customers visibility into the significant cost savings achieved by leveraging Tartan’ experience in providing the right resources. Overall, the evidence is clear and our clients quickly find that they are making substantial cost savings when they partner with Tartan Global to support their projects. It’s the perfect marriage of quality, value, and attention to detail that our customers have become accustomed to.

The value of experience

Every industry depends on its people – on their expertise, their training, their attitude and most importantly, their commitment. The volatility of the oil and gas industry adds increased demand on staff at all levels and as an operator, your needs are constantly changing. In major projects, there invariably exists the need to build a team that includes contract staff not only for project execution and commissioning but also for the design and planning phase. And, in operations, as facilities are continually expanded or modified, the challenges multiply further.

That’s where a partnership with Tartan Global will make a difference. We are one of the top specialist manpower consultancy companies in the world. We serve the energy, defence & government sectors and are able to give you access to the personnel you need for your operations and project teams.

For nearly three decades, we have been deploying our diverse and technically savvy resources to various project sites around the globe in order to providevour customers expertise in Drilling, Well Services, Production, Maintenance, Design & Construction, Commissioning, Training and HSE

Wherever you are, whatever you need

Industry specialists

We pride ourselves on our ability to identify the right resources needed to support our customer’s needs. We are confident that, as one of the premier manpower consultancy firms in the world, we will be able to provide customers with specialists in any area of the business that they require. Our teams have extensive experience in every facet of oil & gas projects and operations and our involvement can range from advice to your HR coordinators to fully managing the technical assessments and interviews for major staffing requirements

A unique blend of skills

We don’t just provide project personnel, we create relationships. Our customers benefit from the unique capabilities of our resources and the individuals we employ will undoubtedly add value to our customer’s operations

Projects, not problems

It means that, once we’ve discussed your needs with you, you can concentrate on your own goals and leave us to supply the manpower to meet them. You can trust us to handle everything from candidate selection to the minutiae of briefing, relocation support, visas, taxation, work permits and all the associated personal and administrative details. Whether we’re dealing with payroll and benefits for local staff, transport and accommodation for overseas assignments or any combination of factors in between, you can be confident of our full, fast, qualified support

Project management expertise

Tartan Global has the ability, personnel and experience to project manage a broad scope of upgrade and new-build projects worldwide. Project experience ranges from large scale projects, incorporating everything from the planning and design stage to commissioning and handover, through to the supply of an experienced individual to fill an expertise gap in a clients own project team.

Project Management

Site Engineering and construction management

Condition surveys for project planning

Commissioning, planning, procedures and Witnessing the like

Project personnel covering specific disciplines e.g. Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Drilling, QA/QC and the like

Tartan Global also has the unique capability of supporting projects with other services in its range, for example condition audits or the implementation of our comprehensive inspection and certification package.



We understand our customers need to focus on their core operations and that is why we strive to remove the “pain” they may endure when crucial material is unavailable to them. Our team of experts works side-by-side with customers from their project planning stage all the way through to execution and completion of work. By doing this, we are able to provide unique solutions for the supply, storage, and distribution of material and equipment for those who matter most – the operators on the ground.

Dedicated procurement operations to service EPC projects both regionally and globally

Strength derived from long term relationships and diverse geographical presence

Ability to support requirements for pre-engineered and engineered products as well as equipment consumables

Extensive expediting, shipping, warehousing and transport experience

Ability to integrate with and augment internal procurement capabilities

Tartan provides Global Procurement & Logistical Support Services to international organizations and institutions in the following sectors:

oil & Gas
Emergency & Humanitarian
Development & Reconstruction
Power Solution

Tartan Global has the power your operation depends on. We are able to provide diesel- and gas-powered generator sets that lead the industry in durability, reliability and efficiency – a solid foundation for any fully integrated power system.

Tartan offers the complete equipment management solutions that keep your operation running smoothly. From analysis and assessment to the service agreements that take maintenance worries off your mind, we can supply the total support you need for maximum efficiency and performance.

Whether your needs are planned or immediate, Tartan is your source for a rental fleet and the support to back it up. Tartan offers qualified engineers and technicians to help determine the cost-effective power system for your rental needs.

Oilfield Supplies

Tartan Global understands the importance of quality and deals only with approved international manufacturers within each product class. Our supply service integrates and packages reliable and high quality products from world-class manufacturers, and leverages its substantial stocks to make material available to contractors and endusers in real-time for projects or shutdown activities. With appropriate internal quality checks in place, and a strong propensity for managing complex supply chains, Tartan is able to provide a precise supply solution to its clients.

Remote Life Support

From large scale semi permanent camps housing thousands of workers to quick deployment and trailer mounted camps, Tartan Global has done it all. In the design and build of camps in the Middle East Region, our experience is unmatched. Utilizing a combination of LGS structures to modularized containers or Flat Pack units we have customized camps to meet our client requirements. Whether it is catering, waste removal, or operations and maintenance, we are able to assemble the resources and equipment to service our customers operating in the remotest of locations. Through our diligent efforts in first gaining a clear understanding our customers’ requirements, we are able to propose solutions that far exceed expectations and help them to achieve success in completing their projects.

Through our vast network of logistics partners and equipment manufacturer relationships, Tartan Global is able to leverage our experience and volume buying power to ensure customers receive their material on-time, every time


Our Offerings


Drill Collars / Line Pipes Tubing / Casing / Drill Pipes Valves / Flanges / Fittings all Sizes & Class Pipe Handling equipment Mud Pump / Draw Works / BOP Rig Equipment & Spares Drill Line / Wire Ropes Hi Pressure Hoses & Fittings Pumps & Flow Meters Mud Chemicals


Generators Transformers Fuel Tanks Spare parts


Tents Cotton / Canvas Tarpaulins Cotton / Canvas Tarpaulins Reinforced Plastic Prefabricated Structures Warehouses / Offices / Accommodation Rubb Halls General Building Supplies, e.g. Timber Roofing Sheets, Plywood, etc.


Electrical Equipment & Supplies Mechanical Equipment & Supplies Civil Engineering Equipment & Supplies Water Treatment Equipment & Supplies Water Pumps & Distribution Equipment Water / Fuel Tanks Steel Plates, Angle etc.


Contract staff from start to finish

Tartan Global specializes in tailored solutions in the field of manpower supply primarily for energy, defence & government related projects across the globe with a particular focus on the Middle East & Africa region. Our Value Proposition is in partnering in the pursuit of opportunities matching your core competencies across the life cycle of projects – from the planning and development phase through to successful execution.

Assist in building your strategy and a target pipeline

Actively participate in Capture Team pursuit of opportunities including sourcing subject matter experts and strategic partners for proposal development

Develop inputs for an aggressive acquisition plan based on maximizing revenues while optimizing available Resources

Support in the mobilization of project teams

Provide Quality Management Oversight in support of Project Managers to ensure successful execution of contracts

All project types within